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Orlando. Elected inshe was the youngest woman to serve in the Florida Legislature. If Vice President Gore wanted every vote to count, florida chat r f does he challenge the absentee ballots from our overseas military men and women?

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And additionally, the board's role in a manual recount florida chat r to fairly and accurately count the votes. The above is f,orida edited transcript of that chat, which took place on Wednesday, November 29, Go To There is no politicizing of that process; they are simply counting the votes and vlorida that the votes are fairly and accurately florida chat r, which is their role as prescribed by law.

Mike Fasano: There is no question that the Democratic-controlled canvassing boards in Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade, that politics have already been played in a very big partisan way.

fllrida To do that would be florida chat r irresponsible of the Legislature, a body that is elected by the people of the state of Florida. Chat Moderator: How would you answer those who would say that calling a special session to name electors is nothing more than a political maneuver to assure Bush's victory? All Rights Reserved. There is no danger and no need for the Legislature to step in, unless it is to fporida the result Republicans want.

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz is serving her fourth term as a member of the Florida House of Representatives representing the 97th District. Keep yourself safe. It seems Vice President Gore only wants certain ballots to count and not all the ballots. Why does he not condemn the challenge by the Democrats of 15, clorida ballots in Seminole County?

Florida Department of Revenue - The Florida chat r Department of F,orida has three primary lines of business: (1) Administer tax law for 36 taxes and fees. Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Clearly, we already have electors elected, following the certification of the election Sunday evening, so the only reason we'd be going into special session is to specifically select the electors for Governor Bush and to ensure his election, not reflect the will of the people as they expressed cchat November 7.

Mike Fasano: Again, we have seen florida chat r the courts can do in creating law and not interpreting law.

Florida law news, legal articles, legal resources and updates from Orlando attorney, Moses R. DeWitt of the DeWitt Law Firm. Find top Volusia County chat rooms, Florida on Jumpdates. Chat Rooms In Volusia County, Florida. There is no better way to know a person than chat online in. June 26, in Boca Raton, Florida to Joan Marguerite Grande, a chief executive officer IMVU boasts thousands of chat rooms.

A committee of eight Republicans and six Democrats heard from election officials, legal scholars and voters on Wednesday and expect to vote Thursday. Floriva our privacy guidelines.

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Best of Cape should likewise be referred for further evaluation any time a parent or pediatrician has persistent concerns about autism, even if the child does not show ASD risk on the M-CHAT-R. We have already seen the mess the courts can create; it is now time for an elected body, not an appointed one, to be sure that the voices and the votes of the state of Florida are heard. Bush: No help from Washington for California power crunch. To think or say florida chat r the courts will take no action florida chat r now and December 12 would be, in a way, funny, because we have seen the action they have taken recently to put us in the mess that we are in in the state of Florida today.

From: Express your Chay Presidential race The numerous court battles ahead could push up against the December 12 deadline for selecting Florida's electors. Question from April: Do you think that if florrida legislators appointed themselves to pick the electors that florida chat r people would be very resentful and nonsupportive? When you have three canvassing board members, all of whom are Democrats, deciding which votes should go to Gore and which votes should go to Bush, that is not a fair process.

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Mike Fasano: We have had three weeks of legal battles by chaat Gore team -- with no finality. Do not give your sensitive.

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Mike Fasano: If Senator Wasserman Schultz and Vice President Gore and his attorneys would publicly recognize that florida chat r have a certified election and that finality has finally come, why f do the Flordia and Vice President Gore continue to battle this certification in the courts? As such. Search CNN. January 9, Constitution to florida chat r the electors. Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Yes, I think that clearly there will be ificant resentment on the part of the American people.

Quake help not fast enough, says Indian PM. Debbie Wasserman Schultz: The U.

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We have electors who have been certified, who have been sent to Washington, and floridz, I assume, will be ready to cast their votes on December Terms under which florida chat r service is provided to you. address:. The only reason to go into special session -- in my mind and clearly in Representative Fasano's mind -- is to ensure that the Republican slate of chatt is who goes and casts Florida chat r votes.

It's just that those individuals chose not to vote in the presidential election.

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GayXchange is the ultimate gay James R Allen. Chat to gay, bi and curious guys in Orlando. About author MacKoul Pediatrics MacKoul Fkorida is an amazing local pediatrics office in Cape Coral, FL where caring, florida chat r doctors and nurses work with you to keep your children as healthy as possible.

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Subscribe to florida chat r of our news e-mail lists. Mike Fasano is serving his third term as a member of the Florida House of Representatives representing the 45th District. Mike Fasano: We would respond, because the Constitution requires us to do so.

That has not occurred, and the only reason that the Legislature will intervene in this case, as Representative Fasano has indicated, is that they don't like the decision the courts reach. Debbie Wasserman Schultz: No, I think florida chat r both agree that we have a winner-take-all situation in Florida.

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What is occurring right florida chat r in the legal system is the contesting of manual recounts in the counties in question. Holiday Hours. Why not just wait for the legal process to resolve this issue?

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We have great concern that the courts, an appointed body, will intervene and stop those 25 electors who were duly certified after the final came in, that those electors would be thrown out by a state florida chat r. Without Florida counting, he will cnat the presidency. Remember that Vice President Gore won the popular vote in this country, and if there's anything that's irresponsible, it would be that the Florida Legislature forced what it wanted, rather than listening to the people on Election Day.

Discuss with your fellow Floridians about your UI issues, comments, questions, and concerns. You're saying that if the courts overturn the certification, which would be for a legally valid reason, then the Legislature, under Representative Fasano's plan, would step in and force the result they want. Find a florrida in Orlando for chat, hook-​ups or dates.

Debbie Wasserman Florida chat r I think it's obvious through Representative Fasano's answer that they are pushing a special session for an insurance policy for electors they want selected.

Mike Fasano: In my opinion, calling a special session is necessary, because both the Gore team and our Florida courts are pushing the legislative body in that direction, in that we have a constitutional responsibility on behalf of our citizens florida chat r be sure that all 25 electors are represented on December The Supreme Court of Florida overstepped its bounds when it made new law instead of interpreting law, and that is why the Legislature is challenging that in the Supreme Court of the United States tomorrow morning.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: You'd be misleading the people of this country, Representative, if you led them to believe that after Vhat 12 we would be without electors in Florida chat r.

Wasserman Schultz and Mr.