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Phone chat with women in cadillac

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He lied to all of them. His first words had to have been "Woof woof!

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Williams has supposedly been doing Robbin's girlfriend Sciorra so a hostage situation develops. Joey, in all his lying and philandering, still had some humanity. So-so comedy starring Robin Williams as a Cadillac dealer, whose shop is held hostage by maniac Tim Robbins. Perhaps this film is a bit outdated now, but even the first time I saw it back in the early s Phone chat with women in cadillac thought it was pretty hysterical.

He exudes the "I love to sell" line despite his nutty life as a quick witted womanizing salesman. Oh God I love the 90s.

Phone chat with women in cadillac

Robin Williams sells Cadilacs at one of those lots that dot post-industrial North Queens. A car salesman is trying to balance many great stresses that all need to be put on hold when a gunman enters his dealership. This opening scene did just that, so kudos to Ken Friedman. Car salesman becomes psychologist, and he does an amazingly good job, along with help from a phone chat with women in cadillac call from both his wife and his mother to the distraught man.

I can see why many would think it's not anything great but it's fun and seemed like cadillaac was made for the everyday Joe or Joey rather than for some cinematic acclimation.

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Eventually, a distraught and somewhat deranged husband of the car dealer's secretary takes over the dealership with a machine gun, convinced that somebody there is screwing with his sexy wife which is true. Watch Chandler Phone Sex fuck buddy Sakamaitso Lonely Single Women porn videos Beegxxxvideo ready to eat i m Cadillac to dick Bhutan sexy cadillaac video.


Oh Robin, the saddest words of kith and kin are surely these: it might have been. Also, I liked the bizarre opening scene which is in the middle of a funeral procession.

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Here's yet another movie with dysfunctional lead characters who are totally amoral and, yet, we're supposed to root for them? The first half of the film just ambles along, leaving you hoping that it will get better - but it doesn't - it gets worse!

Robbins is also good as a stupid, ib husband with a gun. Joey is under pressure: he's got an ex-wife, multiple girlfriends, a missing daughter, gambling phone chat with women in cadillac, and needs to sell twelve cars in one weekend to keep his job. But lo and behold, one year after the turning point, when Robin changed from quick witted comic to pedantic instructor to the lessor informed than himself, this little gem is released.

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His excellence at sales isn't limited to cars; he woth talk many women into bed, and that's his downfall. Here's yet another movie with dysfunctional lead characters who are totally amoral and, yet, we're supposed to root for them?

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Car salesmen are just above lawyers and politicians on the slimy profession scale. Local horny chat athletic single lady looking for a Hosting BBW.

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Box Detroit, MI Phone: Fax: Lansing. Seems drastic to be willing to die just to avoid a stressful day.

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Uneven comedy that isn't cadillsc funny and ends a bit mushy. He was bound to lose his job if he didn't sell twelve vehicles in a day. Larry Tim Robbins isn't very smart, rides a motorcycle, he lost his job as an airplane mechanic a year ago, his wife works at the car dealership, and he suspects she is fooling around with someone, turns out to be 'Little Jack' the arrogant son of the dealership owner. Grand Blvd., Suite P.O.

I guess these nut-case roles come easily to these two actors. Joe's a car salesman with a problem. An error has occured.

I guess it was supposed to be a big hit and I can see why people might think that when looking at the script but its just okay and pretty mediocre. There is no over the top joke, but it is VERY funny if you are paying attention and have enough common knowledge to womne it.

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Impressed by Joey's performance, and saving his son, the big boss gave Joey a job for life. Okay snailgirl4 23 October SnoopyStyle 3 August Knowing Williams' ability to talk, he was good for this role. The film has a good premise, but takes over an hour to get to the hostage part, leaving about thirty minutes to squeeze in the actual humor.

Phone chat with women in cadillac

Share this :. What's great about it: Williams' performance. Not a tragic failure, but a force of life. Robbins and Williams have great chemistry together, and whenever they are on screen together, its unmissable stuff.

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It is fast paced fun and is filled with great characters and good dialogue. I dare anyone to name me one work of literature or film who's creators were incorrect enough to find good, not bad, in the salesman. Cute short girl from reel foods on Cadillac, Quebec Why is so hard to find xxx lhone dominant woman.

For whatever reason, Robin is perfectly suited as a car salesman. The casting is great. Joey Robin Williams is juggling two neurotic girlfriends and an ex-wife while struggling to keep his job as a smooth talking car salesman.